League Rules

Game Rules Highlights

  1. 6v6 (5 field players + gker) - Maximum 14 players/roster
  2. Min. # of Players to start match: 4 (1 must be the goalkeeper)
  3. Min. # of players to finish a match: 2 (1 must be the goalkeeper)
  4. Sub limit: none
  5. Substitution Method(s): "On the Fly" (all players but the gker enter & leave as they please; gker sub can only be made when the ball is out of play & w/ the refs consent)
  6. Teams must wear different color jersey's (pinnies/bibs are available at the service counter, if needed)
  7. Players can wear the following shoes...Flats, Turfs, or Molded cleats that are not dangerous to him/herself or another player are acceptable. Metal cleats (studs) are not allowed
  8. U-13 & above will use a size 5 soccer ball. U-12 & below will use a size 4. Each team must provide an appropriate size ball for each scheduled match.
  9. GoalKeepers must distribute with a throw or footed pass. NO PUNTS & NO HALF VOLLEYs (DROP KICKS)!
  11. ALL players must wear Shin Guards

Players' Recommended Equipment

  • Team shirts (gker must wear a shirt that distinguishes himself/herself from the other players), shorts, socks, protective shinguards and footwear with rubber soles or molded cleats
  • Shirts shall be tucked in & socks must be worn over shinguards - NO jewelry

Ball in and out of Play

  • Ball out of play: When it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline; when the game has been stopped by a referee; when the ball hits the ceiling or light fixture
  • Lines: Touchlines and goal lines are considered inside the playing area.

Determining teams tied on points in Standings, if needed.

  • Head to Head
  • Most goals scored
  • Least goals allowed
  • Main Referee
  • Duties: Enforce the laws, apply the advantage rule, keep a record of all incidents before, during and after game, stop game when deemed necessary, caution or expel players guilty of misconduct, violent conduct or other ungentlemanly behavior, allow no others to enter the pitch, stop game to have injured players removed, signal for game to be restarted after every stoppage, decide that the ball meets with the stipulated requirements, & make-sure all players & coaches refrain from chewing gum inside the dome.
  • Position: Near a touchline and not in the middle of the field